Tax consulting

Tax consulting
  • Opinions and advice on all tax matters
  • Consulting and preparation of income tax return
  • Consulting and preparation of the income tax return
  • Consulting related to value added tax
  • Taxation of real estate transactions
  • Taxation of income from real estate, capital and other income
  • Consulting in the write-off of outdated tax debt

Representation in tax procedures
  • Representation in tax supervision
  • Representation in the procedure of objection to the record of the performed inspection supervision
  • Objections, appeals and other submissions in tax procedures
  • Participation in administrative tax disputes
  • Assessment in tax cases

Due diligence (in-depth business recording)
  • The goal of conducting due diligence is to examine the actual state of the company before takeover

Preparation of studies on transfer prices
  • Transactions between related companies are subject to comprehensive tax inspections
  • The report proves the  transparency of business between members of the group

Other services
  • Preparation of financial reports for trading companies
  • Determination and declaration of foreign income
  • Determination of residency
  • Sent workers
  • Inheritances and gifts
  • Tax consulting for associations, foundations and other non-profit persons