Accounting services

We offer accounting services in accordance with the Accounting Act, Croatian and international accounting and financial reporting standards (depending on the size and needs of the client) and tax regulations.
  • Planning an accounting policy and chart of accounts according to the specific needs of each client
  • keeping financial bookkeeping: diary and ledger
  • analytical bookkeeping and auxiliary books - long-term assets (fixed assets) with calculation of depreciation, customer account balances, supplier account balances, cash registers, travel order books and others according to your specific needs
  • Handling incoming (URA) and outgoing (IRA) documents
  • Handling state institutions reports
  • Handling tax records
  • Employee management
  • salary, contributions, commissions, bonuses calculation and the like
  • other income calculation
  • preparation of state institution and employee reports
  • salaries payment via internet banking
  • consultation